Our Services

About Our Services

  • We provide a range of professional services for children, adolescents and families.
  • We commit to providing the highest standard of practice by adhering to, and reaching beyond, the APS Code of Ethics.
  • Services can be delivered in English and Mandarin Chinese.
  • Evidence-based intervention programs and therapies to assist our clients.
  • We believe in collaborative efforts to bring out the best outcomes for our clients, empowering parents and relevant stakeholders to achieve continuing growth.
  • We view mental health issues as a social responsibility and emphasise the importance of Systemic Change.

Our Services Include

AEDC provides evidence-based early intervention programs following Australian Government’s ‘Guidelines for Good Practice’. There’s a huge range of interventions for ASD; from behaviour based (e.g. Applied Behaviour Analysis) to development based intervention approaches and combined intervention approaches (e.g. Early Start Denver Model).

AEDC therapists are able to work with your child, their strengths and areas needing support, beyond their diagnoses. We aim to empower parents to better engage and teach your child, and collaborate with childcare centres and other professionals.

AEDC provides Social Skills Training to assist your child to learn how to act in different social situations, from interacting with the family doctor when they visit, to playing with friends at school. Social Skills Training is applied through role-playing, social stories, visual prompts and video modelling.

We run Social Skills Training Groups during school terms to assist your child to generalise their skills with peers of similar age and ability.

AEDC assists children and families to build skills and learn desired behaviours by investigating what behaviours are required for your child to cope with academic and/or social situations and assisting with strategies to acquire the desired behaviours. By acquiring more adaptive skills to cope with demands, research has shown that challenging behaviours will consequently reduce.

AEDC assists individuals to strengthen their skills in effectively managing and responding to an emotional experience. Depending on individual needs, skills in emotion regulation can be guided through psychodynamic therapy, relaxation techniques, brain training, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). For children between 8 – 12 years and/or adolescents, AEDC utilises programs, such as ‘The Zones of Regulation’ (Kuypers), to help acquire skills in emotion regulation.

AEDC supports your child in developing age-appropriate social emotional skills, independent skills and learning skills during school transition and/or transition to adolescence/adulthood. We believe in a family-centred approach and engage parents in the process of transitioning.

We provide parent support to assist coping with diagnoses, intervention planning and related issues (e.g. siblings).

AEDC takes on a family approach and supports parents in the demands of parenting. AEDC incorporates parent training programs, such as ‘Triple P’ and ‘1-2-3 Magic’ and goes beyond behaviour management strategies to support psychological factors that affect individual parenting styles.

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