Our Staff

Meet The Team

Sarah Tabone

Counsellor, Education Support

Nirosha Boaden

Social Worker

Rosann Harrigan

Early Childhood Teacher, Early Intervention Therapist

Cindy Hsiang

Principal Psychologist

Michael Sutherland

General Manager, NDIS Coordinator

Ithia Farah

Child Adolescent Family Therapist


“Before finding AEDC, we were very dissatisfied with the services we had been using. AEDC is completely different from the previous clinics we attended; completely non-judgmental, understanding, responsive, co-operative and respectful at all times. Our son has benefitted immeasurably from your social skills classes and Sarah’s calm and effective manner. I cannot say how much I appreciate the wonderful staff and how well they all do their jobs. Thank you.”

“We are so grateful for everything that AEDC have done for our child. They have helped him understand what makes him unique and helped him learn the skills he needs to function effectively in our society. Truly a blessing in our lives. Thank you.”